Sandino's Nation:

Ernesto Cardenal and Sergio Ramírez Writing Nicaragua, 1940-2012.

Criticism/ History
— Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2014.

Awards Finalist, Canada Prize in the Humanities, 2015.

AwardsWinner, Canadian Association of Hispanists' Prize for Best Book, 2013-2016.



Sandino’s Nation is a meticulous and lengthy examination of two Nicaraguans, Ernesto Cardenal and Sergio Ramírez, and of the evolving construction of national identity in their writings. Boldly unusual in scope and method, it surveys the complete works of these intellectuals, bornalmost a generation apart, against the backdrop of Nicaragua’s convulsedhistory…Sandino’s Nation is passionate and articulate, an intellectual tour-de-force as well as a page turner,

— Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas


 Comprehensive, ambitious, provocative, and compelling, Sandino's Nation is a monumental work that is certain to become a model for accomplished, lucid scholarship on Latin American literature

Steven F. White, Department of Modern Languages, St. Lawrence University


Henighan has written what will become one of the most important works on the literature of two key figures of Sandinista Nicaragua, and not just because of the incredible breadth of his study... Henighan's vast wealth of knowledge of the literary world also shines in this volume, which showcases his precise style and some lyrical passages.

Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos


In this excellent book, Stephen Henighan presents a masterful academic analysis of Cardenal and Ramirez in a clear and engaging fashion. Sandino’s Nation conveys the personal life stories of these two famous authors, and demonstrates how their literary talent and personalities enriched their political beliefs and empowered their political influence. Henighan's powerful approach of interweaving historical and literary analysis is an excellent model to emulate for future academic studies.

European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies


Interweaves meticulous textual analysis of selected works by Nicaraguan poet-priest Ernesto Cardenal and novelist-politician Sergio Ramirez with detailed political analysis of Nicaraguan history. Recommended.


Sandino's Nation

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